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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello and welcome to my new program, My name is Roger Miller and I was the administrator of Investimates and USDozen. I always give a straightforward and all-honest approach when it comes to managing my programs and many members can attest to that. Making money is like planting tomatoes, they grow fast, bear fruits but also rot in a short period of time. So the best thing to do is, plant your tomato seeds (deposit) , water them regularly (promote, advertise so new members join), let them grow (12 days) , and then harvest after they're ready (withdraw) before they rot, and then plant new seeds and harvest again and again (TEAMWORK) .

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Everybody actively working and trying to save money for use in the future, or even for that extra vacation, often come to a realization that traditional saving methods, such as low yield bank deposits just barely making it to only offset the natural currency inflation rates. Logically, people are willing to take diversified risks and are seeking additional earning opportunities to generate extra income via not-insured traditional investment options, such as various mutual funds and bonds. While, such investments may indeed produce slightly higher returns over the years in theory, today's overall negative state of global economy, clearly proved that even the most carefully planned investment strategies fail, due to the downfall of the entire world market.

Where could the average hard working individual turn today to recover, preserve and grow that hard earned money? - is not only the answer to this question, but it is your unique opportunity to generate residual income. When financial powers collide in their struggle for the economical might, drastic changes in relative local currency values cannot be avoided and it is exactly what is designed to capitalize on. has been successfully serving its private and corporate clients since 2004 and it is the solution with great future perspective. If you’re looking for a chance to make safe, low minimum, long term investments, we are at your service. Our ideas and experienced personnel will guarantee that all your invested money will be the most effitient way bringing you the highest returns possible.

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